Curtain Wall Spraying

Curtain Wall Spraying

What is Curtain Wall Spraying and why is it important?

On building facades, curtain wall sections are often a very popular architectural feature which is usually composed of powder coated aluminium, allowing daylight into the main areas of office buildings such as foyers. Over time, the original powder coating finish of the curtain wall section can eventually start to break down and fade. This is where our highly skilled team of spraying specialists can help with our bespoke curtain wall spraying services. If you want to update the image of your company, we can match any RAL or BS colour, helping you to achieve your desired look and feel. If you are looking to sell or rent a property, a stylish looking exterior is much more likely to entice buyers or tenants.

What does Curtain Wall Spraying involve?

Curtain walling usually covers a large area of a commercial building, so sometimes it is best for us to divide the building up into sections and complete one section at a time, ensuring consistency and completeness throughout the process.

One of the most important steps in the process is Preparation. Often, the original coating on the metal framework will need to be rubbed down first until the substrate is flat and free of blemishes and contaminates. This usually depends on how the framework was originally treated and the condition that the framework is in. To prevent premature paint failure, our talented team will then prepare the metal thoroughly, ensuring that the edges of any flaking paint will be feathered out. This allows us to make sure that the surface is level ready so that the subsequent coatings of pain can be applied through spraying.

After any grime and dust resulting from sanding down and feathering has been cleaned off, surrounding areas are masked up to prevent overspray. Then, we will spray primer onto the curtain walling. Once dried, the final specialist topcoats will be sprayed on.

Do I need to prepare my building?

Worried that Curtain Wall Spraying will involve significant amounts of preparation for you to carry out? There's no need for you to worry as our customers are not required to prepare their house whatsoever as all the prep work is left to the capable hands of our hard-working and highly skilled team of Curtain Wall Sprayers.

What are the benefits of Curtain Wall Spraying?

Curtain Wall Spraying offers numerous benefits, including:

  • - No disruption to the business, allowing you to continue trading as normal
  • - Our coatings have a proven record of durability
  • - Give your curtain wall sections a new lease of life
  • - Provide extra protection that helps your building stand the test of time and endure
  • - Colour changes to improve the visual appeal of buildings
  • - Re-uses existing materials rather than expensive and time-consuming replacement costs

For more information about Curtain Wall Spraying, please feel free to contact us by giving us a call or emailing us today.