Shop Front Spraying

Shop Front Spraying

What is Shop Front Spraying and why is it important?

In the UK, metalwork has become one of the most popular replacements for the original wooden shop fronts. Often, there is a tendency to hand brush paint when decorating which can leave marks on the paintwork, as well as causing the paint coating to fail faster. However, this has changed over the past twenty years thanks to the introduction of spray units achieving a superior finish. Spraying provides a cost-effective alternative to the complete replacement of existing metal shop fronts, saving you time, money, and effort.

Our spraying specialists are experts in onsite shop front spraying. Throughout the process, we work very closely with shopfitters, architects, construction companies, shop owners, and managers of high street chains to help achieve a high-quality finish efficiently completed in a short turnaround. As we understand the need for retailers to trade during their rebranding, we will always try to work out of hours throughout the week to ensure that disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.

Do I need to prepare my shop?

Worried that Shop Front Spraying will require you to significantly prepare your shop and consume too much of your time? There's no need for you to worry as our customers are not required to prepare their house whatsoever as all the prep work is left in the capable hands of our hard-working and highly skilled team of Shop Front Sprayers.

What is involved in Shop Front Spraying?

Our shop front spraying specialists use a two-part epoxy polyurethane paint system. This paint is extremely robust and long-lasting, for at least five years and often lasts much longer. Additionally, the paint is available in a comprehensive range of RAL and BS colours, allowing us to match the original coatings as closely as possible. Alternatively, our wide range of colours introduces significant flexibility, allowing you to choose new colours if you wish to achieve the perfect look for your shop.

Using the latest spray-painting techniques, you can count on our shop front spraying teams who have been trained up to the highest standards to deliver on time and on budget.

Any exterior elements can be painted, such as windows, doors, shutters, and brickwork. The paint will be applied in three even coats with the first coat being the primer coat, speeding up the application time. Depending on the size of the surface area being sprayed, shop front spraying usually takes around a day and a half. If you are on a very busy street, we highly recommend deciding a date and time with as little traffic as possible so the paint can be easily applied with as little contamination risk as possible as if there is more traffic, this will generate more dirt.

What are the benefits of Shop Front Spraying?

Shop Front Spraying offers multiple benefits, including:

  • - Giving your shop front a superior uniform finish
  • - All our paints are hard-wearing, lasting at least 5 years and often for much longer
  • - A wide range of colours and finishes available so you can achieve the perfect look and feel
  • - Improves the appearance of your shop, attracting more customers and increasing revenue
  • - Uses less paint than other methods

For more information about Shop Front Spraying or any of our other services, please feel free to contact us by giving us a call or emailing us today.